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Group Coaching Programs

Providing Everything You Need To Achieve Holistic Health

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Cultivate is an 8-week group coaching program designed for those who are new to holistic health. Just as the name implies this program lays the foundation allowing you to achieve optimum health....mind, body, and spirit.


This program includes:

6 live weekly trainings

2 Masterclasses

4-week vegan meal plan

4-week exercise program

...and so much more

Enrollment: December 1-December 25, 2022

Launch Date January 1, 2023

PRICE: $497.00

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"PLANT" is a 10-week group coaching program that is designed for those with previous knowledge of holistic health. Maybe you already practice this lifestyle but need additional guidance or perhaps you are seeking accountability and/or support from a group of like-minded individuals. If so, PLANT is for you.

"PLANT" is the follow-up course to "CULTIVATE" and offers more in-depth weekly trainings, a more advanced diet/fitness program

PLANT'S FOCUS: Faith, Fitness

This program includes:

10-weekly live trainings

2 Masterclasses

8-week vegan meal plan

8-week exercise plan

10-weekly guided meditation

...and so much more

Enrollment Date: TBD

Launch Date: TBD

PRICE: $797.00

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"BLOOM" is a 12-week group coaching program designed for the advanced student. This program offers instructions on intermittent fasting and includes a meal plan offering detoxing, raw foods as well as whole food plant-based recipes.


"BLOOM" teaches the importance of fostering healthy relationships and boundary-setting with an emphasis on self-care. Each weekly training builds upon the foundation established in "CULTIVATE" and "PLANT".

BLOOM FOCUS: Faith, Family

This Program Includes:

12-weekly live trainings

3 Masterclasses

10-week WFPB meal plan

10 exercise plan

Weekly Q & A Session

3 one-on-one coaching sessions

...and so much more

Enrollment Date: TBD

Launch Date: TBD

PRICE: $1297

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