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Hey, Hello, & Wassup 

I am SheRonda Berry, also known as, Coach NuBerry. I'm the founder of NuBerry Health &  Wellness, a Registered Nurse and Certified Holistic Health Coach. It is my mission to assist women in cultivating their best selves.

Do you want more from your life?

Would you like to live a life with healthy spiritual, physical, and mental well-being?

If you've responded with a "yes," then NuBerry Health & Wellness is tailored specifically for individuals like you. My life's purpose and vocation revolve around preparing, empowering, and motivating women to attain health, happiness, and completeness. My career in healthcare has granted me the privilege to fulfill this calling.

Regrettably, I've observed women encountering diverse hardships, some of which have been fatal, owing to their decision to not prioritize their health. I've witnessed women enduring abusive relationships driven by low self-esteem and self-image issues, as well as women trapped in poverty due to a mindset rooted in scarcity.

I, too, have battled clinical depression, low self-esteem, abusive relationships, and chronic illnesses for the better part of my adult life. In truth, it was my own brush with mortality that ignited my fervor to assist others. The very strategies that enabled me to overcome these adversities are the ones I employ in my coaching.

I am here to help you...

  • End yo-yo dieting and achieve "your" healthy weight

  • Empower yourself to walk in authenticity

  • Cultivate a healthy self-image

  • Foster healthy relationships with man and money

  • Prioritize yourself without guilt or condemnation

  • Set Healthy Boundaries

  • Strengthen your walk with Christ.


I know you feel hopeless, fearful, overwhelmed and unappreciated, but you DO NOT have to do this alone.


Let's Do This Together

If you'd like to start on your own personal health and wellness journey, book a FREE 20-minute discovery call

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