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Mahatma Gandhi said: “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” This has never been more true than today, when it feels like everything is centered around chasing after those gold and silver pieces and finding ways to spend them.


Stress and poor health seem to go together with busy living —but they’re an unhealthy combination. We reach for quick solutions, as-seen-on-TV products that promise the world, and pills and potions that claim to be miracle cures. Most of us have a chronic dependence on caffeine, sugar, and other pick-me-ups to get us through the day, but we just collapse, exhausted, at the end of the day, hoping to get enough rest so we can do it all again tomorrow. It’s a very vicious cycle.



Finding The Path to Health


Nobody wants to be sick, tired, or overweight. Nobody wants to put their lives at risk from chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and all those other troubles we get from stressful living. So, we look for quick fixes to get us back to health —even if it’s temporary

Herbal Pills

We..... pills, powders, and potions that promise to fix us right up

Image by Baptista Ime James


..go to doctors to treat our anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of energy… and we get frustrated when none of them turn out to be long-term solutions.

Close Up Of Overweight Woman Measuring Waist.jpg


.. follow the latest fad diets that promise to shed the pounds, but the pounds never stay off for long.

Short-term cures all seem to be dead ends

          Wouldn’t it be great to discover the true path to health, the one that leads us to genuine wellness and boundless energy and vitality?

          Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a life-changing way to feel healthy and strip away all the stresses, strains, aches, and pains?

          Wouldn’t it be refreshing to finally commit to something that won’t let you down?

The funny thing is, the path to good health is not just a one-way journey; it’s a circle that surrounds your entire life and brings it together. Everything affects everything else.

When you’re healthy, you’re more productive in life. When your health is going strong, you have less stress. A calmer, stress-free life means better relationships, better eating habits, and better health… can you see where this is going?

The more you put into life, the more you get out of it.


It’s easy to mistakenly think this means you should push yourself harder until you have nothing left to give.

Instead, imagine putting self-care as a priority.

Imagine taking steps to reduce stress and anxiety naturally.

Imagine nourishing your body, naturally, all day.

Imagine allowing yourself to feel peaceful and calm. Imagine how rewarding and enjoyable life can be!

The Holistic path to Health

Health and wellness don't just mean one thing. You can’t have perfect health in a life that’s full of stress. You can’t get rid of stress if you’re overweight and never exercise. You can’t lose weight and keep it off if you’re always anxious, working 16 hours a day or having difficulties with your relationships.


By taking an integrated approach, you can get everything back on track, gradually, for a wholesome, healthy lifestyle that takes care of you.

Enjoying Nature_edited.jpg

What if I told you it was possible to:

  • Feel good, naturally, every day

  • Feel boundless energy by eating the right foods

  • Ditch harmful pick-me-ups that clutter your immune system

  • Enjoy delicious, healthy, energizing food

  • Take on every day with joy, vigor, and enthusiasm

  • Be in complete control of your own mental, physical, and emotional well-being  

Would that be worth the effort of taking care of yourself?

Image by Daren Inshape

The Gift of Wellness

It’s great to have a goal to tackle in your life. It’s what gets you motivated to make a change. But so many people get completely overwhelmed when they realize it’s not enough to just want to lose weight, do better in their jobs, or improve their relationships.


Everything affects everything else, which is why I offer a complete, integrated approach to well-being. In our time together, we will take on all areas of your life, like:

  • Your relationship to food - the emotional connection, how to prepare and enjoy delicious, healthy food and love it

  • Emotional health - how your emotions can override everything, how to express them in healthy ways

  • Physical health - what you’re doing right, where you can improve

  • Cravings - where they come from, how to control and even prevent them

  • Digestion - how food, stress, and life affects your digestion, and, in turn, how your digestion affects your life

  • Career - how to find work-life balance, pursuing the life you want

  • Relationships - growing the good ones, ditching the toxic ones


...and so much more

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