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African American woman implementing self-acceptance

Be a part of the "Nu" Movement by Attending "Cultivate Me" 2023

A Women's Health Conference Presented By:

NuBerry Health & Wellness

Image by Yoal Desurmont

'Cultivate Me' 2023

It's More Than A Meeting, It's A Movement

Daily life challenges can metamorphose into huge anchors that hold you down physically, mentally, and spiritually. But, no one has to go through life challenges alone!


Are you:

  • Struggling with depression, stress, or anxiety

  • Suffering from a chronic illness

  • Having difficulty losing weight, or

  • Desiring a closer relationship with Christ?


It’s high time you broke free from the mental, physical, and spiritual shackles holding you down, explored a NU sense of health and wholeness, and found true happiness!


INTRODUCING: The Cultivate Me Women’s Health Conference by NuBerry Health and Wellness


In this women’s health and wellness conference, you’ll gain access to tools, information, and strategies that are designed to help you easily overcome your daily struggles, transcend your health issues, and discover inner peace.

In the company of like-minded women and wellness experts, you’ll gain empowerment and encouragement, learn how to manage stress and depression, change your mindset regarding your overall health and wellness, and form new relationships and connections.


If you are looking to:

  • Achieve the healthiest version of yourself

  • Be empowered, equipped, and inspired to cultivate a NU life of health, happiness, and wholeness

  • Supercharge your journey toward radical transformation and wellness

  • Achieve unprecedented levels of mental and physical health

  • Reach your full potential and finally start living a happy life…

…then this conference is for you!


Hurry, only Limited Seats Are Available!


Presented by SheRonda Berry,
Founder & CEO at NuBerry Health & Wellness.

Registered Nurse, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Health & Wellness Coach, my passion has always been to help women achieve the healthiest version of themselves. It is my mission to equip, empower, and inspire women to cultivate a life of health, happiness, and wholeness. I am honored at the opportunity to serve you along your journey. 

It’s More Than a Meeting, It’s a Movement!

I created the ‘Cultivate Me’ health conference to empower African-American women with the knowledge and motivation they need to prioritize their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being without guilt, shame, or condemnation.

This movement brings awareness to African-American women to pose the following question: "If you don’t put yourself first, who will?"

Join Us to Become a Part of This Movement Today!

'Cultivate Me' 2023 Is A Women's Health & Wellness Conference Like No Other!!

What Should I Expect?

Conference Speakers

These immaculate women will guide you along your journey to health, happiness, and wholeness.

Image by Ayodeji Alabi
  • Sat, Aug 24
    Aug 24, 2024, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM CDT
    Jackson, Jackson, MS, USA
    Aug 24, 2024, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM CDT
    Jackson, Jackson, MS, USA
    Are you ready to achieve ultimate in your health mind, body and spirit? Attend the most lit women's health and wellness in Mississippi.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions and we've got the answers!!!

Image by Ayodeji Alabi
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